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draft modus

Group Stage (draft)

  • Short games of 3 ends planned

  • Opposite teams are determined by draw (prior to event)

  • After group stage all teams are ranked by

    • POINTS (2 for win, 1 for tie)

    • ENDS (won ends)

    • STONES (stones scored)

    • WINNER (of direct encounter - if any)


  • Qualification:

    • to be defined


Semi Finals (draft)

  • Team with better Group Stage Rank gets hammer (last stone) in first end

  • Game of 3 ends - no extra end - in case of tie after 3 ends: 'draw-to-the-button'

  • Draw-to-the-button: one stone per team - closest to button (center of house) wins

  • Championship Semi Finals:

    • Rank 1 vs. Rank 4

    • Rank 2 vs. Rank 3

  • Follower Cup Semi Final:​

    • Rank 5 vs. Rank 6

Finals (draft)

  • Hammer in first end by coin flip between teams

  • Game of 4 ends - extra end in case of tie after 4 ends

  • Championship Final:

    • Winner of Championship SF 1 vs. Winner of Championship SF 2 

  • Follower Cup Final:​

    • Winner Follower Cup Semi Final vs. Loser Championship SF (with better Group Stage Rank) 

Event organised by

Julius Bär Curling Club


Curling Club Dolder Zurich

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